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No Payne, No Gain

A Detroit politician once told me that Detroiters were like crabs in a barrel; whenever one crab gets near the top of the barrel, the rest try to pull him down.

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Campaign News

Journalist M.L. Elrick vows to battle for transparency in Detroit City Council race

“I started my career as a reporter 30 years ago and I spent much of that time putting government under scrutiny, exposing waste, incompetence, corruption. I’ve also told the stories of underdogs, people who are mistreated, abused, their rights denied,” said Elrick, a former Detroit Free Press reporter. “It’s no longer enough for me to be just the scorekeeper, it’s time for me to get in the game.”

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Podcast: Detroit journalist on his bid for city council

Authentically Detroit is a BridgeDetroit partner podcast that tells the stories of Detroiters’ lives through exposition and interview. In this episode, hosts Orlando Bailey and Donna Givens Davidson talk with M.L. Elrick, investigative journalist turned candidate for city council in District 4.

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