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No Payne, No Gain

A Detroit politician once told me that Detroiters were like crabs in a barrel; whenever one crab gets near the top of the barrel, the rest try to pull him down.

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Campaign News


As promised, I participated in the Great Lakes Water Authority’s board meeting. I was the ONLY member of the public to come forward, but I delivered a message that I think speaks for all of us who lost so much in the flood.

I told the board exactly what I said publicly immediately following the flood: we cannot wait for them to make major improvements to the system. We need IMMEDIATE help for homeowners who want to install back flow preventers and sump pumps.

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Chance To Earn Your Vote

Like many of you, my family lost so much in this last flood. None of us can afford to go through this again. It’s time to find a solution to this problem. As your city councilman, I’ll help get the answers we deserve.

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