A Call to Action to Stop Detroit Flooding


For the second time in three weeks, rain and sewage flooded our basements

The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) tells us the Connor Creek pumping station and combined sewer overflow couldn’t handle the historic rainfall. “History” keeps repeating itself WAY too often!

That’s why the time to act is NOW!

My family and yours can’t wait for major upgrades to the system. So, I spoke with the GLWA board on July 14 to call for immediate and relatively inexpensive improvements — including backflow preventers and sump pumps for our homes.

I recommended GLWA install bioswales and rain gardens in our neighborhoods. These are effective, earth-friendly, and, most importantly, much faster and less expensive to install than major upgrades to the system.

I was the ONLY member of the public to speak out at the meeting. Now, I’m asking you to use your voice and speak out with me. 

Please sign this petition demanding immediate relief from the flooding and aftermath some of us have suffered at least FIVE times in recent years. 

The next time GLWA meets, I should not be the only one there to hold them accountable. Stand with me.

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