M.L. Elrick Proposes Two-Prong Solution to Detroit Towing Practices

DETROIT – M.L. Elrick, a Detroit City Council candidate for District 4, today renewed his call for top city officials to overhaul the way the city awards towing contracts. Elrick first proposed his solution to the city’s towing contract dilemma October 1 in his campaign to win a seat on the council.

Detroit’s towing operations are at the center of the city’s latest public corruption investigation and in the news again today.The city has been dealing with this issue for years, with elected officials continually getting ensnared in the fray.

As a long time union activist and supporter of working men and women, Elrick believes the answer is simple: Have city employees do the towing.

According to Elrick, having city employees execute the towing contracts serves two purposes.

  1. It will give the city total control over the process, eliminating the possibility of private companies bribing city workers and elected officials for the contracts.
  2. It will create good-paying union jobs with benefits for Detroiters.

“This solution is both simple and smart,” said Elrick. “When we stop outsourcing towing, we eliminate the opportunity for corruption,” he said. “And most importantly, we put more of our neighbors to work. Problem solved,” Elrick concluded.


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